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PostHow to Raise Your Creative Bar

How many of you have peers that can offer you support as an artist? While I lived in Dubai I had art teacher friends who could help me when I felt stuck with an artwork. They’d give me advice on skill-based decisions, help me as I contemplated meaning and message, etc. One friend was super […]

Post3 Criteria for High Quality Feedback for Your Art

There’s this moment in an artwork when you realize you need feedback and it’s not exactly a moment of feeling stuck. You know when you stare at a word so long it loses meaning? You can’t tell if it’s spelled right, or even a word anymore? Well when you get into flow and feel super […]

PostHow an Artist Navigates Feedback

I can still remember being a student, sitting in critiques where no one was willing to speak up. People seemed to feel there was a right and wrong thing to share their ideas about the art. Now I wonder: were we all more concerned with how we sounded rather than about helping the artist and his/her art? […]

PostWhy Batching Your Art Is Important

I often fear I don’t have a unique style or voice in my art. It’s something that is hard to define, comes with time, and changes as your work changes over time. When artists hear they must have a unique style to sell or promote their art some argue back: “I don’t want the restriction of being subject […]

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